Barbara Miller, principal designer and owner of Welcome to My Garden, can turn your backyard into the garden of your dreams.


Barbara, who founded the Essex County landscape design firm in 2004, follows the philosophy of “form follows function.” She’ll take the environmental needs of your yard and reconcile them with your budget to create a garden that fits your lifestyle.


“I’m in the business of making people happy,” Barbara says. “When I begin a project, I explain to my clients that we become partners in the design and garden process. It’s their garden, and I want them to enjoy the experience. When it’s all created and I see the joy in my clients, I have done my job! I take pride in the fact that I’ve worked for many years on lots of gardens.”


As a designer interested in sustainable landscape gardens, Barbara is an advocate of creating backyard wildlife habitats. These kinds of gardens improve the quality of life for us and for New Jersey’s wildlife.




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